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Hugh Shirley

Hugh Shirley is a medical student at Harvard Medical School, where he matriculated after completing his BS in Biochemistry at Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, Hugh completed co-ops at the International School of Bremen in Bremen, Germany and at Neon Therapeutics in Cambridge, MA. He first traveled to Kenya in 2017 on Dr. Richard Wamai's Dialogue of Civilizations course, where he studied public health and Kenyan culture. While in Kenya, Hugh studied access to clean drinking water as a driver of health. He returned to Kenya in 2019 to visit Baringo County and conduct a research project (Summer Scholars Independent Research Fellowship) on access to surgical care. In the future, Hugh aims to study and address the impacts of climate change on healthcare around the world. 



A Needs and Capacity Assessment for Surgical Care in Tiaty, Kenya

Global surgery is an emerging field and has been identified as a cost-effective target for reducing the global burden of disease...

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Global Surgery: A Forgotten Piece of the Health Puzzle

In the world of global health, it’s pills, vaccines, and other preventive measures often at center stage...

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A reflection of my time in Baringo County

My time in Baringo County was challenging, both intellectually and physically. As the last two-week leg of a journey...

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