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Cold Chain Transport



As part of an ongoing effort to provide disease diagnostics to even the furthest regions of Tiaty East & West, ACCIH has employed the help of SolerCool Technologies for cold chain transport solutions. Equipped with Phase Change Material (PCM)-cooled refrigerator backpacks, our Boda Boda motorcyclists facilitate the transport of essential lab samples from far healthcare centers for advanced processing at Chemolingot Sub-County Hospital (CSCH). This augments the availability and cost effectiveness of diagnosis for patients in the far interior, as tests at CSCH are now, by extension, available to these patients, while limiting unnecessary costs of travel for unconfirmed, nonemergent cases. Specific to NTDs, we hope that the mobilization of this service can overcome the geographic and economic barriers to blood sample DAT testing for Kala-azar, as CSCH currently serves as the only health facility within Tiaty East & West providing for its diagnosis and care. Additionally, our cold chain backpacks have already been implemented into vaccine outreach campaigns with the Kenya Red Cross Society and World Vision, maintaining lab-grade refrigeration for more than ten hours in the field.

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Our cold chain lab transport program is composed of three routes to maximize our geographic reach.

Program Specifics

With transport services available every second and fourth week of each month, lab sample referrals from our partnered government facilities to CSCH are now much more frequent. The program currently fully subsidizes the testing of Kala-azar and its associated comorbidities (TB, Malaria, HIV) as well as the transport of any other samples received during transport days. Recent advancements at CSCH's laboratory have further expanded our capabilities, as patients now have access to tests including full haemogram/blood chemistry analysis, microscopy, and DAT for Kala-azar. Following analysis, results are communicated to patients via telephone with further instructions on care.

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Temperatures Maintained
Boda Boda Motorcyclists
Health Facilities
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Cold Chain Transport Bags

Introducing our program to the community


Children feel the freezing temperatures of our PCM cold packs

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