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Sarah Weihl is a 5th year student at Northeastern studying Human Services, Global Health, and International Affairs. She previously completed co-ops at AIDS Action Committee and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Sarah began working with Dr. Wamai as a teaching assistant in Fall 2020 and joined his research project in Spring 2021. Sarah is currently working in Kenya for 5 months to complete her final co-op at the TERMES Center in Baringo and get firsthand experience with the research project and hospital. This experience has included supporting mobile clinics in East Pokot, helping set up a new treatment center in Magadi, and performing an epidemiological survey of Visceral Leishmaniasis and Snakebite cases at Chemolingot Sub-county Hospital. Alongside her coworker Catherine, Sarah is leading independent research studies on VL, Snakebite, and health systems in East Pokot.

Sarah Weihl

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