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Transforming emergency care in Kenya on the backs of motorcycles

By Center for Emerging Markets, on December 14th, 2023

While gearing up for graduation, Shreyas Mosurkal, a fourth-year Health Science student at Northeastern University, has been hard at work leading a research project aimed at improving high-quality emergency care in remote regions of Baringo County, Kenya.

Inspired by his involvement in a summer 2022 Dialogue of Civilizations program in Kenya alongside Professor Richard Wamai, Shreyas returned to Kenya in July 2023 to further his passion for public health in a global setting.

Many research and advocacy efforts have been placed on the mitigation of communicable diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, the need for more efficient emergency medicine response and trauma care has been growing in recent years. In Tiaty, one of the 6 constituencies within Baringo County, Shreyas has been working alongside local healthcare organizations to combat this need by developing a prehospital emergency transportation system using volunteer motorcycle taxi drivers, known as Boda Bodas.

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